University of Oregon Brain Development Lab, University of Oregon
Helen J. Neville
Lab Director
Brain Development Lab, University of Oregon
Ph.D. Cornell University (Neuropsychology)
M.A. Simon Fraser University (Psychology)
B.A. University of British Columbia (Psychology)

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1999-presentMember, Executive Committee, Brain, Biology & Machine Initiative, University of Oregon
1999-presentDirector, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oregon
1995-presentProfessor, Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Oregon
1995-presentDirector, Brain Development Lab, Psychology Dept., University of Oregon
2013Distinguished Cognitive Scientist Award, UC Merced
2013RHSU Edu-Scholar Presence Rankings for 2012
2012William James Fellow Award, Assoc. for Psychological Science
2012Honorary Degree, Georgetown University
2012Hebb Ledcturer, Georgetown University
2011Keynote Address, International Mind, Brain, and Education Society
2011Recipient, Fondation Ipsen Neuronal Plasticity Prize
2008Distinguished Lecturer, University of Toronto
2007Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2007Invited Address, Society for Research in Child Development
2007Landsdowne Lecturer, University of Victoria
2005Keynote Addresses, Cognitive Development Society Biennial Meeting and Emory Cognition Project Conference on Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
2004Participant, Mind & Life Institute XII meeting with the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala, India
2003Keynote Speaker, Symposium for Queen's 60th Birthday, "The Children in Her Majesty's Crown" Stockholm
2002Recipient, Robert and Beverly Lewis Endowed Chair
2001Member, Society of Experimental Psychologists
2001Fellow, The American Psychological Society
2000Recipient, Justine and Yves Sergent Award, Montreal, Canada
1999-2003Distinguished Lecturer, Florida State University, Duke University, University of Maryland, University of Washington, and University of Texas, Health Science Center, Houston
1998-2001Panel Chair, Sackler Institute for Human Brain Development
1998Invited address, Society for Neuroscience
1998Member, National Academy of Science Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy
1998Presidential Lecturer, Society for Neuroscience
1998-presentAssociate Editor, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Developmental Science
1996-presentMember, Board of Governors, Cognitive Neuroscience Society
1993-1997Claude Pepper Award
2011-2015U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, (NCER R305A110398), Principal Investigator. Training Attention in At-Risk Preschoolers: Expansion of our Successful Program to a Wider Population Within Head Start.
2011-2014U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (NCER R305A110397), Principal Investigator. Longitudinal Follow-up of Successful Parent-Child Intervention in Pre-school Children At Risk for School Failure.

My research uses psychophysical, electrophysiological (ERP), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to study the development and plasticity of the human brain. Over the course of this research, my lab has observed that different brain systems and related functions display markedly different degrees or ‘profiles' of neuroplasticity. Guided by these findings, we are conducting a program of research on the effects of different types of training on brain development and cognition on typically developing children and parents living in poverty. These studies will contribute to a basic understanding of the nature and mechanisms of human brain plasticity, as well as contribute to the design and implementation of educational programs especially those that close the inequality between lower and higher socioeconomic status.

My articles have been published in many books and journals including Nature, Nature Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Cerebral Cortex, and Brain Research. I am a member of the Board of Governors of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, the Academic Panel of Birth to Three, and my lab is active in many educational outreach programs.

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