Behavioral Testing, Table Top


For Children Table-Top testing refers to any number of specific, age-appropriate tests, which usually take place at a table, with an adult clinician. The adults working with your children are experienced and trained to help your children demonstrate their overall knowledge of letters, words, sentences, numbers, puzzles and other thinking and reasoning activities.


image017As a part of the language assessment, your child will be asked to respond to sentences read by the person giving the test. Your child will also be asked about their knowledge of letters and rhyming words.
image018In addition to the activities completed at a table, children will also participate in computer-based assessments. The computer tests typically seem like games to preschool-aged children, since the tests have been designed specifically for use with preschool children.
Your child will also be asked to complete tests that measure math skills such as answering questions about numbers and amounts of items.

During the testing session, adult caregivers may
    • Sit in front of a computer, VCR, tape recorder or other electronic equipment and pay attention to pictures or words — ¬†such as voices, sounds, faces, images, lights.
    • Press buttons in response to some tasks.
    • Fill out questionnaires with a staff member or answer questions using paper and pencil.