Outreach in schools

Outreach Programs

Schools or community groups can contact the Brain Development Lab to organize field trips to the lab or classroom visits by our staff. A typical visit includes an overview talk, several demonstrations, and opportunities to view preserved animal and human brain specimens. We try to tailor each visit to the grade levels involved (from kindergarten through high school), as well as to the curriculum that the students may already be taking.


Researchers from the Brain Development Lab can also coordinate with educators from community schools for presentations in the classroom, with information including basic structure and function as well as information about research conducted in the Brain Development Lab. As with lab tours, these presentations can be tailored to the age and current curriculum of the students. Preserved animal and human brain specimens can also be brought into the classroom as part of the presentation.

kidbrainAnother form of outreach involves lectures by Dr. Neville to area community groups, educators, students and the general public presenting research we are conducting in our Lab. Link to Helen Neville Lectures page.

Please contact the Brain Development Lab if you are interested in any of these outreach opportunities.