Study for adults 20-35 years old


How do the heart and brain work together?  
Help us find out!

Helen Neville, Principal Investigator, (NSF 1539698) (2/10)  

Earn up to $40 in a brainwave/heartrate study at the UO-Psychology Department

You may be eligible if:
__        20-35 years old (we also have a separate study for 4-6 year old children)
__        English as first and only language
__        Normal hearing and vision (glasses ok)
__        Normal physical, motor, and emotional functioning
__        No history of brain injury or disorder
__        No current medications that affect brain function

The study is one 2 to 2½ hour session at the UO.
You will answer some questions about yourself and your background including your childhood. (Some questions may be considered sensitive.) You will do fun experiments while your heartrate and brainwaves are being recorded.

Please text or call us at 541-221-6007 for more info and a brief phone interview to determine eligibility. Or email

Payment:  $40

$40 University of Oregon
Psychology experiment
541-221-6007 (txt or call) (email)