Research Assistants, Teachers, Interventionists, Family Liaisons



Carmen Bravo
Research Assistant, Family Liaison
B.N. Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia

At the Lab I’m responsible for interviewing bilingual & monolingual families; arranging the Behavioral & ERP appointments for bilingual families. I have a great interest in the impact of early childhood interventions programs.


Melissa Gomsrud, MA, LPC, NCC
Research Assistant, Family Interventionist
M.A. Lewis & Clark College
Counseling Psychology
B.A. Whitman College

I support families and teachers using a curriculum that offers evidence-based strategies designed to establish consistent and predictable home and school environments for preschoolers. The parenting and classroom curriculums mirror one another and focus on age-appropriate communication, effective discipline, and an overall reduction in family stress.


Megan Jones
Research Assistant, Behavioral Testing Manager
B.A. Willamette University
Psychology, Sociology, and Women and Gender Studies

Present Projects: At the lab I am responsible for administering behavioral assessments as well as training and managing the behavioral testing team.  I also process data and provide support to all the graduate students and post graduates in the lab.

Research Interests: My broad interests include cognition, personality and the effects of inequality. I am interested in studying interventions that can have a real and positive effect on people’s lives.


Seth Petersen
Research Assistant, Physiology Team Manager
B.S. Eastern Oregon University
M.S. University of Oregon

My main duty in the lab is to acquire eeg data and process the data that is acquired. I began working in the lab in July 2008.I have worked in various educational settings (e.g., elementary, high school and university) and can relate well to all age groups. My broad interests are studying the developmental changes of both language and attention. I study these changes through the use of convential ERP’s and by looking at how oscillatory frequency bands vary by age, gender, SES and other factors. The research that is being conducted in the BDL lab is very progressive in regards to bettering the community around us and abroad. I also enjoy being active (e.g., biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, gardening, carpentry, etc.) and spending time with my spouse, son and two dogs.