Study for 4-6 year old children

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How do the heart and brain work together?  
Help us find out!

Your 4-6 year-old child can earn up to $40 in a brainwave/heartrate study at the UO Psychology Department

Eric Pakulak, Co Principal Investigator, (NSF 1539698) (2/10) 
Your child may be eligible if:
__       4-6 years old
__       English as first and only language
__       Normal hearing and vision (glasses ok)
__       Normal physical, motor, and emotional development
__       No history of brain injury or disorder
__       No current medications that affect brain function

The study is one 2 to 2½ hour session at the UO.
Your child will play fun games while his/her heartrate and brainwaves are being recorded. You will answer some questions about your child and yourself.
Payment:  $ 40

Please text or call us at 541-221-6007 for more info and a brief phone interview to determine eligibility. Or email us at

$40 University of Oregon
Psychology experiment
541-221-6007 (txt or call) (email)