What will my visit be like?

Our goal is to make your visit to the lab as easy as possible!

 Getting Here


Click here for directions to our lab. We provide parking and meet you to guide you to the lab.

We have parking reserved for our participants. We will meet you at the parking spot and walk you to the lab so you won’t get lost. Our lab is also located very close to the EMX bus station on Franklin. If you are coming by bus, let us know and we will meet you at the station and walk you to the lab.

 Once you’re here


Children enjoy earning prizes for following directions, listening to stories, and playing games.

Hundreds of parents and children have visited the lab to participate. Our specialty is testing very young children (3 to 5 years old). Children enjoy earning prizes as they follow directions, listen to stories, and play games. At a behavior-only testing session, one staff-member will help your child through the table top testing. You will fill out some forms with a staff person and can observe the testing session.


Click here for more info about table top testing.

ERP-kidAt sessions where we do brainwave recordings, one staff member plays with your child while another puts the special brainwave hat and heart-rate stickers on you and your child. Once everything is in place, you and your child begin some computer tasks, like listening to stories and pressing buttons, and more table top tasks, like remembering pictures or sounds and following instructions.

 Click here for more info about our heartbeat and brainwave recordings.


The colorful brainwave cap fits like a snug swim cap.

We have an on-site childcare room for children you need to bring with you to the appointment.

We have on-site childcare for any other children you need to bring with you to your appointment.

If you have other children you will be bringing with you to your appointment, let us know, we have a separate childcare room right next door with lots of toys and an experienced childcare provider.

Our goal is to have everything go smoothly and to be fun for you and your child.

Your participation makes a difference!

Click here if you would like more information about our research, and why it is important.