Scott Klein

Scott Klein
Research Assistant, Lead Intervention Coordinator
B.S., Nebraska Wesleyan University
Elementary Education

Scott is now a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Eugene, OR.

As a part of our research we created a curriculum to teach preschool children the foundation of all learning – how to pay attention. The curriculum includes activities that are fun and aimed at tapping in to the child’s individual curiosity and innate propensity to want to learn. Once the children are naturally engaged in targeted activities, we communicate that each child has a great brain; which includes the ability to control their bodies, emotions and attention. A child who knows how to pay attention can learn how to do most anything when they focus their brain and body on a task.In addition to working directly with children, we have created a program of research to understand how working with parents contributes to the cognitive development of their children. We have worked to develop a parenting curriculum that offers evidence-based strategies designed to establish consistent and predictable home environments for preschoolers. The parenting curriculum focuses on age-appropriate communication, effective discipline and an overall reduction in family stress.